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The Manchester Regional High School (MRHS) newspaper, The Falcon Flyer, consists of a group of students that each have a unique voice.  By taking journalism, it allows students to expre ss their ideas and voices  through writing.

To start off, I asked a few of the newspaper editors what their thoughts were on taking journalism. Overall, the purpose of taking journalism was because the class interested them and they were hoping to improve their writing skills. “One of my favorite aspects of Journalism is getting to edit other people’s articles, It makes the class and newspaper feel more professional,” says Stefanie, a junior here at MRHS. Seena, a sophomore at MRHS’ favorite part about Journalism is interviewing people. She states, “It’s an exciting process getting to know someone new.” Aniqa a sophomore at MRHS states, “I like to express my opinions and ideas through the newspaper.” As for me, I like expressing my thoughts and ideas through articles. We are able to make our articles unique from everyone else’s by using our opinions and making our articles sound like them.

I had asked my fellow classmates what kind of articles they were looking forward to writing this year and  they all had different ideas in mind. For Aniqa, she mainly enjoys writing advice articles to students at MRHS. For Seena, she particularly enjoys writing feature articles. For Stefanie, she is mainly interested in writing articles about events that happen at MRHS. Like Stefanie, I mainly enjoy writing about happenings at MRHS.

Aniqa makes her articles relevant and intriguing for MRHS students mainly focusing on one interesting topic to write about. Stefanie writes about local events that are relevant to her readers. Seena tries to tie new events occurring in MRHS to keep her readers engaged. I try to make my articles relevant to MRHS by writing about topics that interest them.

For Aniqa she is able to excel her writing skills by asking her teachers for help if she needs it. Since Seena is very outgoing and loves meeting new people and hearing their stories through interviews, she is able to excel her writing skills. Stefanie is a very hard working student and uses her time wisely on assignments, which helps her finish my articles before the deadline.
By writing about different topics in journalism, I’m able to excel my writing skills through writing different types of articles.  

Finally, I had asked the editors what goals and ambitions they hope to achieve by the end of this school year as a writer in the newspaper. “I hope to improve my writing and become a professional writer,” says Aniqa. “My goal is to help create a fully-functioning online newspaper,” says Stefanie. “I would really love to become a strong writer. I have always had problems writing headlines and developing an angle that is unique, I hope to better this,” says Seena. For me, my goal as an editor is to become a better writer and develop a great newspaper.  When writing articles for the school newspaper it is important that we stay focused on our goals.

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The Voices Behind the Page