Serving A Purpose

Seena Kesht, Editor

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Many athletes look to sports as a way to express themselves, release stress, or make new friends. Manchester’s (MRHS) volleyball team is filled with players who do just that. A player on the varsity volleyball team, Jennifer Marrero says “ Playing volleyball is something I am so glad I did, I can’t imagine not being a part of my team.” Many players feel that without volleyball, their entire life would be different. They wouldn’t be as confident, proactive, or dedicated. Jenn states that:


“Through [volleyball] I found my voice. It motivates me to do better in school. By becoming a student athlete and striving to get better at the sport, I have become a more dedicated person and I always work hard to accomplish things I want to achieve.”


The head coach, Ms. Cullen states that by having a love for sports and becoming competitive coaching came naturally for her. “I’m a pretty good role model,” shares Cullen. “I think my own love of fitness and sports is shown through my own personal lifestyle. I think the girls see that because I still play with them, they still see me being very active, that shows them that learning a sport and having a healthy lifestyle is a lifelong practice.”


Dedication is a big factor needed when considering joining the volleyball team. To be able to want to learn the game and to have determination is a quality the MRHS volleyball coaches search for. A player on the team shares that “If you’re having trouble with discovering who you are and can’t learn to dedicate yourself to something, you should join a sport, volleyball helps me strengthen my character.”


So if you’re looking for a way to discover who you are, or strengthen your character, you should consider joining volleyball and become a part of the team!

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Serving A Purpose