Homecoming Bonfire….. H-O-T!

Michaela Alfano, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, October 18th the Haledon Fire Department’s pre-built MRHS Homecoming bonfire wasn’t the only thing lighting up the night. From the powerful beat of the MRHS Drumline to the neon lights from the Dramatic Arts Department’s wearable glow-stick, fundraising table, the whole night was lit! Food trucks provided the nearly 300 person crowd with spicy carnitas, toasty hot chocolate, and sweet treats.

It was not only a bonfire, but a pep rally as well. At the event, there were exciting games to play with friends and family, entertaining music, food trucks with delicious meals, and much more! Our Manchester cheerleaders made a performance and afterward, our Football team was introduced. The bonfire also served as a platform for the MRHS homecoming court voting system. 

Each sport’s team was given time to be introduced by their team’s captain. Natalie Castro, a senior and 4-year soccer player, announced the girl’s soccer team. As each player came onto the bonfire field, they ran through a tunnel of seniors who carried them through a chant. Haley Bhatt, a senior on the cheer team and a homecoming queen nominee, led the cheer team through their halftime routine. The performance was filled with stunts and jumps. The girls volleyball team was announced by Isabella Bonilla, who later was named our 2019 Homecoming Queen.

Albroz Aloush and Erce Savas, the captains of the boys soccer team, announced their players and followed that with a chant to get school spirit for the team going. Finally, the football team was announced by captains Michael Lora and Jamal Deloach. After all the players were announced, they did their halftime chant. Time was also taken to announce the new National Honor Society inductees. The new inductees were a mix of Seniors and Juniors, many of whom were also athletes being announced that night.

To make sure everyone was kept entertained, the Student Council threw fun games into the mix. A potato sack race was held between the different grades. The Juniors vs. Freshman race was first and the Juniors won. Then it was the Sophomores vs. Seniors and the Seniors won. The Junior representative then went head to head with the Senior representative and, in the end, the Juniors came out strong with a win.  Next, a dance circle was formed near the DJ booth to give everyone a chance to show off some of their moves. Jersey Club Music played from the speakers as everyone cheered on whoever was in the center of the circle.

To end the night, all of the homecoming nominees were given time to give a quick speech about why MRHS classmates should vote for them. Nominees for Homecoming Queen were Haley Bhatt, Isabella Bonilla, Reema Joukhai, and Aya Aljanadi. The Homecoming King nominees were Isaiah Sparkes, Jamal Deloach, Carmine Federico, and Ethan Holguin. After all the speeches had concluded, everyone who was there was able to vote for whomever they wanted to be crowned the MRHS 2019 Homecoming King and Queen.

The homecoming football game took place the next day where the Falcons dominated 52-8. During halftime, the homecoming court was announced and the king, Jamal Deloach and Queen, Isabella Bonilla, were given crowns and sashes to commemorate their win.

Overall, the MRHS bonfire was a huge success that was loads of fun for everyone!