Anime, It’s Not Just Another Cartoon!


Angeliz Rivera, Staff Writer

Is anime considered a cartoon? In my opinion anime isn’t a cartoon. Cartoons are usually geared toward a younger audience, while most anime are geared toward a more mature audience. Anime tends to have different story lines and cartoons use the same content. Cartoons are made to make people laugh, while anime concentrates on the lives, issues, and goals of the main characters. In anime, the characters that are drawn have advanced and detailed physical features. Cartoons tend to be more simplistic in design. 

A manga is a Japanese version of a comic book. The images in a manga are drawn, while cartoons are just 2-D images that are animated. Anime episodes are usually 22- 24 minutes long while a cartoon can be anywhere from 5 mins to an hour long. Cartoons usually air random episodes with no actual story line, while anime are continuous with the same story or goal that the main character is trying to achieve. In anime the goal for the main character is usually something serious that has to do with their life story. Cartoons just focus on entertaining children and making them laugh. 

So whether you prefer cartoons to anime or the other way around, both artistic mediums offer a creative way to present our world in a new perspective.