Staying Positive in High School

These days, many high schoolers  struggle to maintain an optimistic outlook on life. Did you know that the CDC reports that between 20%-30% of adolescents admit to having symptoms of depression? I will freely admit, that sometimes even I have a hard time keeping a positive outlook during my day. It got me thinking about what I could do to stay more in the moment and to view my world through more positive eyes.

My research lead me to this helpful list of online resources. I hope you find the positivity we all yearn for throughout our high school years. Have A Great Day!

Be optimistic: Don’t focus on every negative situation that occurs in school. Keep in mind the things you are grateful for throughout your day. Stay in the moment and work on doing today what will bring you your dreams tomorrow.

Positivity Blog: How To Stay Positive

Encourage other students: Just like you, people need some motivation in their life. Sometimes just one simple compliment is enough to encourage someone to improve themselves.

How To Encourage Others

Surround yourself with a positive environment: Be around people that encourage you to do/be better at things. Look for teachers that make you feel good/confident. Talk to your counselor about any fear or worry that you might have.

MRHS Staff Directory Link

Stay organized: Be specific with what your goals are. Make a plan for how you’re going to achieve it. Keep your school materials organized.

Stay Organized With These Apps

Keep a schedule/to-do list: You won’t be able to forget anything if you have a reminder.

Best To-Do List Apps 

Be patient: Know that greatness takes time. You won’t be able to become an A+ student overnight.

For Stress Relief, Try MindTools