Apple iPhone Is Made Better Again


Are new iPhones always better than the last release? Apple has become a nationwide wide brand known for their technology devices and apps/widgets. Their latest piece of must have hardware is the iPhone 11 Pro which was launched on September, 10th 2019 and released on the 20th of that month. 

Once again they have added another camera lens to the back of the phone making picture quality better than ever before. With modes such as “portrait” mode where everything except the main subject in the photo is blurred out to “live” mode where pictures can actually move like movies, the iPhone 11 promises great things for all its owners. 

By what you can observe walking down the hall, it is clear that many students at Manchester own an iPhone. This is proof that teenagers are getting sucked into using Apple phones as well as their other products such as the AirPods. Apple has definitely figured out the technology wants and needs of the teenage public. Apple has been around for 43 years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon with all the revolutionizing products they put out.

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