Wanting a Perfect Family 

Dear Journal, 

The day falls on the twentieth of July, a Saturday. A cool afternoon it was, as the day shifts to night. Out of all days, today I have decided to pick up a pen and write, the anniversary of a well-known name. Everything had changed from what it was like 20 years ago. It had only been the 1920s, yet everything was so different. Especially the way the people had looked at Victor Scott, a man of many talents. An old friend of the family you can say. 

From being one of the most famous surgeons in town to one of the classiest men on the block. He may have differed from the rest with his binding knowledge but his discoveries were extraordinary. All he wanted was to have a family, a good job, and his own perfect life. This simplistic idea to many could not be achieved but to Victor, it was just one more obstacle he had to overcome. Victor had been known for his slim, tall stature with hair on his head black as the night. He lived with his wife Emily, beloved by the public for her kind nature and child-like mentality. 

The couple had both been in their twenties with Victor towering over her with five years. Living on the last home of the cul de sac near the river in Hamlet, Oregon. The shingles the color of velvet green leaves. The number of their home was 13, matching the number of beige steps to reach the door with the golden knob. The only piece of gold to the street. This home is where they planned on raising two children. One already being accounted for, Emily beginning her first trimester in late May. Victor had always wanted a child, hoping his first being a son, the second, a daughter. Not knowing the outcome almost killed him, so he began research to discover an alternate route. 

Victor began this morning like all the others. Waking up beside Emily and setting off to work. He grabbed all of his attire and set for the door. The heels of his shoes clicked all the way to his automobile, as he entered, the door fastened with a loud thud. The smell of burnt rubber filled the avenue. Once arriving at his shift at the E.R, he completed his usual round. But during this shift, things took a sharp turn sideways. On Victor’s break, he had decided to take a quick stroll into the forest that was about a block away from where he had placed his residency.  

The continuation of this stroll led him to a secret he had kept from many. His laboratory. The dusty path led to the location, where he had done all of his previous experiments and now the next. Going cupboard by cupboard he began yanking ingredients and graduated cylinders down to the counter. What he was doing was unheard of, for himself it was as well, using his previous knowledge of chromosomes and quantum physics, he began to research. With the initiative to have no anticipation for his child. He wanted all of his good genes to pass on without a trace of malfunction.  

After hours of research, he had done it. The concoction of powders and liquids left the scene a vivid blue. Slowly he began injecting the serum into his arm. His veins pulsated, moments later with the strike of a clock, his heart stopped. Victor had been left on the floor for minutes. Slowly, he began to come alive one beat at a time. Gasping for air again and again. He stumbled to the stool, sat down, trying to gain consciousness. He looked into the mirror and recalled nothing. Keeping a note by note journal cleared up his confusion.   

Victor might have been pushed to the floor but that was not going to stop him. On the same arm, he proceeded to extract the same liquid, hoping to get a  sample of his DNA. He had been lucky, the liquid turned a cloudy purple once out. He set it aside and began working on his quantum portal to see if this potion could be put to the test on his unborn child. Designing the DNA would be the least of his troubles.

Victor had performed the chemical composition many times, but this time something was different. The metamorphosis had just begun slowly through his fingertips. He had recorded in his journal that it felt as if his joints had been defusing and refusing together. The sensation had flowed through his whole body like a river on a cool summer’s day. He arose from the stool and examined himself in the mirror that stood before him. For then he realized that all the atoms had conformed into molecules and all of those bonds had created the gateway into the future. The quantum realm was open. 

He stepped closer and noticed that his reflection became a blur. Placing his hand upon the formitible plasma and suddenly he fell through. In this realm everything was different. The way time moved and how one’s ability to differentiate what’s real from fiction becomes harder. Laying against the sandy ground, he plopped his head on his hand and confusion struck upon him. He had been in the same room that he withstood moments before in front of him. The room spun as he tried to gain focus on what had occurred. He stood up and walked to the laboratory door. Victor noticed that the door had become crooked and the tops of the counter shined to the moon’s content. 

As the door opened, the boards beneath let out a loud creek. Victor stepped out of the laboratory and made his way out of the forest bringing himself to the front of the E.R corridors. As he entered he discovered that he no longer was working there. By surprise he had no further questions because he thought of the different cases of the realm and any malfunctions could have occurred. He jumped into his automobile and started the engine, breaking every violation known to man. Once arriving home, he ran into the living room. But what he saw was unbelievable, impossible, not real. Stepping behind the couch he found his wife, Emily cradling a moving figure. 

A baby. A baby boy, blue eyes like Emily and black hair like Victor. But within the hour that baby and it became a toddler. Victor as astonished as he was asked the child what business he had doing in the home. The child responded with a formal hello. Victor recorded him saying “Hello father”. Victor took a step back and realized the child may have only been a year of age but was a genius. Victor shouted and pounded the floor boards. The experiment had worked. He couldn’t wait any longer. The consumption of this work had overtaken him, making him unbearable. Rushing to Emily, to give her the good news. She couldn’t believe it and asked if he was feeling was okay, staring back at him was not Emily. An imposter but, how he wondered, most likely another malfunction. He ran off leaving the car. Victor, that day, decided to take an alternate route when crossing the river and entering through the back of the laboratory. Without consideration he leaped into the mirror. Back into the messy laboratory, stains with blue and purple. But things had changed from what he noticed last time but he was too carried away to figure it out. The date on the calendar was far off as was the time. 

Returning to present was easier than usual. He took it upon himself to make larger batches of the composition. After finding the correct percentage of ingredients. He arrived home. When suddenly he stopped, took a deep breath, and walked into his home. Arriving towards the couch, he injected the entirety of the concoction into his arm. Once this was inside of him, he would have his perfect family just as he did in the quantum realm. Stepping back he realized what an exciting time he was going to have and what could happen, Things could line up just to plan, so he continued. Once again his heart ceased to pump the river of life that ran its natural course through the body. Leaving him thrown upon the floor. Then suddenly he did not awake. There were no more breaths to be taken. No more potions to drink. No more anything. The potion ended up being full of malfunction. Minutes had past before Emily had noticed. Rushing down the steps to see her husband for the first time in weeks but it would be the last time in her lifetime. She laid beside him and noticed his spirit fading away. Emily took it upon herself to continue his journal. Writing that for the first time in weeks he had looked like himself. Without any recollection of it Victor had been gone from his family in the quantum realm, so consumed by his work, it killed him. 

All I have to remember him by is the journal Emily decided to finish. Growing up might have been hard without Victor, my father but Emily kept his spirit alive. Just as he wrote it, my black hair like his and my blue eyes like my mother’s. He had tried so hard for me to be perfect and he got what he wanted but with a price. A perfect family was worth it all to him, even if he had to die for it. I’m keeping this story alive though this journal like my father did. You could say I got it from him.

Sincerely, Liam Scott.