Stuck Inside: Winter Survival Guide


As the temperature drops and the busy Holiday Season comes to an end, many teens find themselves stuck indoors and bored. Sure there are social media apps and video games to keep us occupied, but is that all life has to offer? The answer is NO! Check out this list of sure fired ways to stay active and having fun until Spring has Sprung!

Winter Survival Guide

  •  Go Ice Skating
    • Rockefeller Center, New York City, NY
    • Ice Gliders, Maywood, NJ
    • Palisades Mall, Nyack NY
  • Have a Spa day at home
  • Redecorate your room
  • Bake
  • Watch a tutorial on how to paint a tropical scene
    • Paint a Beach Tutorial
      • Do this activity with a friend and see who’s painting came out better 
      • Facetime a friend(s) and paint together
  • Play a Zany Indoor Game
  • Go sledding
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Build a snowman
  • And if you do all of the above, go ahead and binge watch some TV shows/movies
    • Day Break – Netflix
    • Glee – Netflix
    • All American – Netflix
    • All 6 Star Wars movies – Disney+