Light and Love, Past, and Present

Light and Love, Past, and Present

We debate on the past and present every day. Through social media, news outlets, even though political aspects. Even though the past and present can be completely different there are times where they relate. Martin Luther King Jr made a huge impact on society. He said things that proved how much the past and present can relate. 

As a high school student, I can infer that many of my peers get into altercations through social media outlets or even in school. High school students post about people they do not like or how they are mad about a certain person who did a certain thing on their social media outlet and if one student talks about the other, the other fights right back…through social media. It is a never-ending cycle between the two. This is relatable to when black people and white people were at each other’s throats because of the fight of equality and human rights until Martin Luther King stepped in and talked about the aspects of equality and the right of having it. He said in 1963 how, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” because he was the light to America’s darkness. He fought to show everyone not just Black people, not just White but to everyone that equality is made up of human rights. He proved that they will never come to the correct solution by fighting each other with hatred. Instead, he made sure that everyone knew that only the light in darkness the love in hate would drive out the terrible aspects of racism. The two topics between high school drama and an entire country fighting over rights are two completely different things if you just say it. Although the idea of light outshining the darkness is not only relatable to both but a solution to them. High school students like myself with never find a way to get along if someone doesn’t step in to be the light of your darkness or even yourself being the light to your darkness. 

In personal experience, my high school, Manchester Regional High School dreaded an opening up discussion called circles. I personally didn’t enjoy the idea of it more because people had repeatedly stated they didn’t. The entirety of the school didn’t enjoy circles. Although in one class my teacher decided to ask us the question, “If you were the teacher in organizing circles what would you do?’. The entire class participated. As a whole, we said it would be nice to let the students discuss a more related topic to ourselves as teenagers and young adults going through problems. What my teacher said, of course, did not convince people to start loving circles but it made us think about circles and think of how we would like it. Our eyes were closed and we were only seeing the dark aspect of circles and when my teacher asked us how we felt it opened up our eyes to see the light. We discovered that we could enjoy circles, that we could enjoy talking to each other about topics we can personally relate to.

Martin Luther King said many things and stated things that will be unforgettable but the idea of love shutting out the hate and light shutting out darkness can relate to me the most. I go through many things in high school. Everyone does, and there is always that time where I and others can feel left in the darkness and maybe we need that one person or one teacher to make us realize this. Life as a whole is based around black and white even though there are an ample amount of gray areas where we can get confused , lost …surrounded by someone’s darkness. The most we can do is fight it out with light and love instead of darkness and hate. Martin Luther King did that with equality and it still relates to how I solve things and how the world works.

Ergo, my life and your life are completely different but we can relate to each other in all different kinds of ways. Martin Luther would’ve never thought that High School drama would ever relate to what he did for our country but it does. In fact, without love and light, the world would be full of sorrow and defeat but we live in an economy where love and light outshine the darkness.