TV Show Review: Utopia Falls on HULU


Utopia falls was released on February 14th, 2020 with all ten episodes coming out at once. Although it does not have very high scores on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, the show is gripping and exciting. The show is definitely geared toward a teenage audience but could be watched and enjoyed by all ages. Utopia Falls is a sci-fi drama series about a dystopian world called New Babyl. The society in which the characters live is divided into four sectors. Nature, Industry, Progress, and Reform. People are separated based on status and they are told to follow a certain set of rules. No one seems to be bothered by their day to day life. That is until the Exemplar, an annual contest for all who are musically gifted in their 16th year, candidates are chosen. The core characters selected for the competition are Sage, Brooklyn, Mags, Bohdi, Tempo, Apollo, and Aliyah. Aliyah’s mother died when she was four and her father works for the Tribunal which governs the society. New Babyl has core values that stem from the foundation belief  that people are just meant to except where they are and as they say, “for state, for community, for all.” 

At the first night of the Exemplar competition everyone gets an invite to a party in the woods that is just beyond city limits; however, one of the most important rules of the city is that you don’t go beyond its limits. From there, things get wild. An archive, as they choose to call it, is found by Aliyah and Bodhi that holds all the knowledge of what the world was like before it came crashing down. Everyone becomes intrigued, and begins to incorporate things that they learned in the archive into their musical performances which go completely against the ways of New Babyl. From there the rebellion starts. It starts slow but it gets much larger than they could ever imagine. Hip-hop begins to infiltrate New Babyl and change the way that people think for the better. 

Now, obviously, it can’t be a teen drama without a love triangle which becomes apparent quickly. Aliyah and Tempo come into the competition hoping to make it to the end together so they can live the rest of their life together, but that changes when Bodhi comes into the picture. On the other end of the spectrum there is an obvious tension between Sage and Brooklyn as they work to understand their feelings for eachother. 

The show has an incredible storyline but the production is average so don’t be too overly analytical with the stages and special effects. It is also a Canadian production which means that many of their sci-fi actors overlap with other shows that have been on Canadian air. 

Another added bonus to the show is the incredible cast. They are talented and super fun to watch on screen and off. They are very active on social media, posting fans artwork, video edits, and even replying to tweets to answer questions. They go live on instagram and very interactive which makes the journey of watching the show even better.  

Utopia Falls is full of friendship, rebellion, heart, singing, dancing, and adventure. What’s not to love? And as Brooklyn would say, “It’s flames”

Cast: Robyn Alomar, Akiel Julien, Robbie Graham-Kuntz, Phillip Lewitski, Humberly Gonzalez, Devyn Nekoda, Mickeey Nguyen, Kate Drummond, Jeff Teravainen, Huse Madhavji, Dwain Murphy, plus the voice of Snoop Dogg

Creator: R.T. Thorne

Showrunner: Joseph Mallozzi