The Little Prince – A Response Piece


The question was asked, “What is the secret the fox shares with the Prince and how does one practically apply this philosophy in real life today?”

In chapter 21, the Little Prince and the Fox were about to part ways but before the prince departed the Fox shared it’s secret with him. The secret the Fox shared was that, “It is the time you have spent for your rose that makes your rose so important.” It was a secret so simple yet also so hard to grasp in our fast paced world. Today we are so caught up with technology and social media that we forget about what is around us and also those around us as well. In a way just being around someone and enjoying eachothers company is enough to form a strong and lasting bond. 

After hearing Fox’s secret, I was reminded of my classmates in French class. Before joining French 4, I wasn’t really close to any of the people in the class and, truth be told, if it wasn’t for this class I probably would have just seen them as any other student in this school having never made the attempt to get to know them. Not only the people in my French class but also the other people in my life as well. I think we forget that the people we see walking down the street or even the person next to us has led a completely different life up to that point and he or she isn’t just part of the scenery like all of the common roses in chapter 20.  Before our time together they were just scenery until we all got closer together that the scenery started to change into people with depth, a depth that I would not have known about if we didn’t spend the time we didn’t have together. 

With this understanding of how relationships are formed how can we use this knowledge to our advantage. The simple answer is to enjoy your time with those you care about especially in this time of social distancing where everyone has to slow down. This is the time to share moments with your family and to facetime your friends because a chance like this might not come again for a long while so take it in. In our normal day to day lives before the coronavirus, life was so fast paced and jam packed with things to do but now that kids are away from school and parents are having to stay home for work it can open up tons of time for them to have real family moments they couldn’t have or maybe even appreciate before. 

If you are to take anything away from the secret the Fox told the Prince, take away the fact that relationships require time and effort to form no matter what. There is no amount of money or wealth that can forge a relationship of the same magnitude as the ones forged through time.