Quarantine Fun!


Coronavirus is now one of the biggest problems in the world at the current time. It is keeping many people in their homes since they have been advised to stay in their homes. It can get very boring and tedious at times because people nowadays are so used to constantly doing things like going to work, school, and socializing with friends and family, but there are still things to do to keep you occupied. 

During my personal time, I have found my own ways to have connections with family, such as having video game tournaments and having nighty movie night with the family. To keep track of friends and family that don’t live near you can connect with them by using things like Facetime and WhatsApp. This can be a great way to keep in touch with those and make sure they are safe. For those who would like to keep physically healthy, you can go for walks around your neighborhood or even visit local track or hiking trails if they are still open. This can even help keep up your mental health and spirits. The fresh air can be very good after being in the house for long periods of time. If you would like to train your mind or have challenges for your mind during this long break from school you can read, solve puzzles, or even play trivia games. This can be a great way to keep your mind in shape. 

There are an abundance of things you can do to stay occupied, you just have to think about them and keep your mind open. Even though these times can be hard we can all get through them together. We must listen to our mayors, governors, and officials and abide by their rules so this will pass faster.