Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, a Game Review


Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Nintendo released its new Animal Crossing game on March 20, 2020. It has been released on the Nintendo Switch. The game has had multiple versions released in the past, but this game by far has been their most popular by far with more than 1.88 million purchases. The game has an overall 4.3 rating. Animal Crossings developers  are Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development. The last Animal Crossing game released was Pocket Camp in 2017 for mobile play. 

Popularity Due to Quarantine

New Horizons has been their most popular release from the franchise ever. This rising popularity has been due to people being stuck in quarantine due to Coronavirus. Many people have said to have brought it to have something to do during this time. I personally feel it has been a great way of spending my time. The game has many features and is constantly updating to make the game more exciting and keeps adding on features for endless possibilities. 

The Games Features

The game includes many interesting features and little details, like the airport. The game gives you Nook Miles that you can redeem for special purchases in the game, like tickets to travel to mystery islands. They give you a chance to get special items that you can’t get on your own island like fruits that aren’t native to your island, bugs, fish, and even furniture. You can even visit your friend’s island and vice versa. This can also give you an opportunity to get foreign items and trade with friends. There are even clothing, furniture stores, and a muse that showcase a variety of fish, bugs, fossils, and now art, you can even sell items to make money. Changes in season and time will mimic your region, this also affects what fish and bugs you can catch from time to time. The game has been programmed amazingly and is a great way to pass time. All the little details will amaze and will keep the game exciting.