COVID Comes to the Olympics


With the postponement of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, many athletes are feeling the effects. Although it is understandable as to why it was postponed, it does not make it any easier. In a New York Times, video Olympic and Paralympic athletes shared their feeling about the games being pushed back another year. The 2020 games were going to be huge with the introduction of a few new sports, such as skateboarding and surfing. A lot of athletes were going to make their Olympic debut not only in the games but for their sport. Although that could still happen in 2021 it does introduce many setbacks that the athletes do discuss. 

For athletes who are constantly at training, competitions, or flights to places, it’s been a huge adjustment for them to stay home. Its a total learning experience to revamp how you train in limited space because not everyone has big backyards. With training facilities being closed staying in top Olympic shape is an even bigger struggle than would normally be seen. People have had to convert garages, living rooms, and even balconies into workout spaces. Stairs are being used for running drills and household objects are being used to practice footwork. Although there has been a massive shift many athletes seem to understand. Right now is not the time to be resentful because we can’t control what is going on. 

For many of the athletes, they are glad to be home right now. When you’re competing you are constantly traveling and this allows for a little down-time. It also allows for people who might not have been in top shape due to an injury to recuperate and come back stronger. All of the athletes were grateful that they’re even able to continue training in any capacity while being home and although it’s not the summer they planned you just have to keep pushing forward. It is being looked at as “delayed not canceled” because the Olympics are still going to happen. Although it’s hard right now, and quite frankly is very upsetting, it’s important to look at the positives which the athletes have been sure to highlight. 

In the New York Times video, they showed the various athletes from all over picking up new skills. A handful of them learned instruments and produced some music. Some simply had family game nights or hung out with siblings in the backyard. No matter what they are going to keep training, keep pushing, and take this time to grow even more so we can bring home gold next Summer. 

As positive of an outlook that they had, I do feel like if I were in their shoes I would be lost. When you dedicate your whole life training for this one moment and things shift it can be very disheartening. I mean I was upset about the 2020 games being postponed and I’m not even an athlete. However, I do think that the athletes in the video, many of whom would have played in the games for the first time as their sport was introduced, had a very good look at things. I definitely would be upset about the postponement at first but as they said it’s important to keep training and moving forward so we can get to those 2021 games. It’s hard to adapt when all you know has been changed to what the new normal is, especially when no one saw it coming. Yet, all these athletes seem unfazed as they keep up with their training. Instead of sights set in 2020, they’re now set in 2021. 

All I can say now is that the 2021 games are going to be bigger and even better. These athletes are going to come back stronger and ready to fight for gold. I can truly say I am beyond excited to see how the 2021 Olympics happen. The competition is going to be fierce and these athletes are going to be nothing short of prepared. Bring on the games and the gold. And as always Go USA!