The Importance of Your Vote

The Importance of Your Vote

As most of us know, this November will mark our current president’s four years of presidency, meaning it is time for us to choose who we want as our president for the next four years. This year’s presidential candidates are the U.S’s current president Donald Trump and former vice president, Joe Biden. Due to the pandemic that we’ve been dealing with, voters have been given the option to vote by mail this year.

While we have specific days to elect who we want, it’s extremely important to be informed of the candidates and what they stand for before actually voting. For every single person, choosing who the best candidate is should be chosen after doing research on both candidates to see what they stand for and what policies they’d enforce after winning. Voting does not only affect the people able to vote and the older people in this country. It affects every single person including all the children, and those that are not given the privilege to vote. It will affect our lives in the future and all of our children’s lives. Voting lets your voice be heard and gives you the opportunity to make the changes that you want to see. People that are able to vote in this country are able to vote for those that can’t. We have been given the right to vote and ask for what we want. Why would you pass the chance to help improve your country and make it better for the people and the environment as a whole? 

Some people often think that their vote won’t matter and that their one vote won’t change anything. This statement is simply incorrect and has a lot of evidence to support the fact that every single vote matters. There have been multiple cases where elections were affected because of a close call, changing the president from one of the candidates to the other. We can understand when looking at the election of the year 2000 with Al Gore and George Bush. As the National Geographic states, “Bush won Florida by 0.009 percent of the votes cast in the state, or 537 votes. Had 600 more pro-Gore voters gone to the polls in Florida that November, there may have been an entirely different president from 2000-2008” (National Geographic Society). This shows that a couple hundreds of votes can change everything. A couple hundreds of people that have decided they don’t want to participate in the elections would be able to change the results with their votes. Some people might use the argument that they don’t agree with any of the candidates. To this, I would say that they still should vote. Even if you don’t agree with a candidate, it is your job as an American citizen to do your research to see who you agree with more and who you have similar beliefs with, as well as why they want to become president. Looking at the differences between the two competitors and also what they have done in the past will help you make your decision. 

A lot of young people like middle schoolers and high school students think that if they can’t vote, they can’t have their voice be heard or help make a change. Just because you aren’t able to vote for president yet doesn’t mean you can’t make your community a better place. One of the most important things young people can do is educate themselves on political issues and choose what they support, as well as what they are against. You can also share your opinions on social media and educate others that might be confused about a certain topic. It is also important to use the resources around you like your school newspapers to help show your fellow classmates how important it is to be politically informed and involved even if it’s only learning about the candidates and what their view on certain issues are. 

Something that we should teach younger kids in school, is the importance of using your voice to speak out for what you want or need. In many cases, children don’t know anything about what is going on in the political word until they grow much older. By teaching our young people in this country about politics, we can make more people feel heard and make the big change that this country needs.