The Pros and Cons of Online School


As most people know, due to Covid-19, many schools across the country have reverted to online learning. The questionable fact about distance learning would be the positive and negative aspects of it. Much research has been done by many news reporters and news websites regarding this topic.

Some research about the positive aspects of distance learning was done by Learn Safe . The research that was done has proven that, for some students, they find their home environment much more comfortable and less stressful than a classroom. Distance learning also allows children to accomplish additional tasks that they may not have been able to do during an average school day. Further research was done and it has been proven that, since virtual school has begun, there has been less hassle to escort the children to and from school. This helps a lot when it comes to family financial conflicts because there is no ride fee being charged.

Verified news channel, Abc News, has implied that, although distance learning helps students remain healthy, this does not mean that more damage will not be done to the child staying at home. After many interviews, with both parents and students, the consensus is that remote learning is “no substitute for being in school live with students.” Many children have said they feel as if they have not learned much material since quarantine began back in March 2020. Technology has become an issue regarding the fact that some teachers do not know how to properly use and work it. This affects the students’ education and comprehension of the material being taught.

The state of New Jersey has reported that there will be about 430 schools reopening within the next few weeks using a hybrid model that combines both remote and in person learning. 68 districts have opened in person learning while there are still 242 districts that are strictly remote.