Online School Stress


School, in general, is something that can stress any student at any age but, who would’ve thought stressing over school would become worse at home.

It seems to me that teachers have decided to double or triple their workload during quarantine. Also, some teachers don’t really take into consideration that their class isn’t the only class in which students are receiving work. All this can lead to a lot of stress which isn’t easy to deal with, especially when some students can also be going through a difficult time mentally or something can be going on at home. 

It’s also a struggle to do school at home because, when you think of your house, you think about being comfortable and stress free. It is a place where you can just relax and spend time with family NOT a place to do an entire school day. Another stressful thing is when wifi is not working properly. This usually leads to buffering which can also lead to falling behind in class and being confused. It is really draining to just stare at a computer all day and because of this, students get distracted. 

Since online school isn’t super successful, does that mean school should open up (if yours hasn’t already)? Stress levels would definitely go down for both students and teachers but, it isn’t really the safest option because of how easily Covid 19 can be contracted. Both options aren’t really something people would want to choose between.

So should school just close down completely? If this happened a whole BUNCH of things would change, spring break, winter break and even summer break as well as important/fun events schools hold to raise money and keep community alive. It isn’t only only one specific age group that is struggling doing online school. On social media, there have been Elementary aged children up to college students who are having a hard time. 

Covid 19 has led to stress in all age groups, even if they aren’t in school. For example, many adults across the world have been struggling financially because Covid has led to them not being able to work and to them having difficulties working online at home.