Covid Affects Fall Sports at MRHS


After convincing the school board on Thursday, September 10th to allow student athletes to participate in fall sports, the season finally began. With the exception that all precautions necessary to protect athletes from Covid-19 are taken, the season should be business as usual.

The battle to participate in these sports began before the start of the school year. Students took it upon themselves to create an online petition in favor of having fall sports and more than 600 signatures were collected. Letters were also sent to the Board of Education in support of the keeping the fall season and coaches expressed how many life changing opportunities student athletes would be given if the sports were allowed to continue.

Because of the pandemic, there are many precautions that were put in place to protect the students and those around them. The student-athletes have to wear masks before and after practice and whenever they aren’t performing physical activity. Another precaution is that all equipment has to be sanitized before and after use. The threat of having the sports taken away is very real if the students-athletes and/or coaches don’t comply with the precautions and rules set in place for the safety of everyone on campus.

Aside from the girl’s volleyball team, which has been postponed to next spring, Manchester student-athletes are happy to have the opportunity to participate in fall sports.  So get out there are support you MRHS fall athletes!

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