For Young Teens The “Weight” Is Over


Many people believe that kids should be at least 18 to start weight lifting, but that belief is completely false. People who say that are just inexperienced. If this was true, about 75% of all body builders would be in crutches right now. Most body builders begin their training during puberty or around 14 years old and if this was bad for them, they would not make it to adult competitions.

I have been weight lifting since I was 14 and during that time, I went through 2 stages in my life. First I went from chubby to skinny. Then I went from skinny to muscular. I started to workout and I gained about ten pounds of muscle. If doctors were right about waiting to train until 18 years of age, then I would be disabled by now.

So,  When is the best time to start weight lifting? Whenever you feel healthy enough to give it your all!