Chadwick Boseman Real Life Hero


Chadwick Boseman, known best as the person who played Black Panther, donated a portion of his salary from the movie 21 Bridges to co star Sienna Miller while working on the movie with her. The movie was filmed in New York City and was released on November 19, 2019.

Before the filming even started, Sienna Miller was hesitant to work on the project. She had asked for a salary that she thought was fair, but the producers didn’t give it to her. Many people, including Boseman, felt this was a case of Male Pay vs. Female Pay, which means the male actors were getting paid more simply because they are male. This is an unfair practice that occurs in many occupations, not just movie stars.

Chadwick Boseman, being the nice person he was, believed this inequality was wrong so he donated some of his own salary to get Millers pay close to what she wanted and what she deserved. Sienna said that he told her, “You’re getting paid what you deserve and what you’re worth.”

This is just an example of how humble and inspirational Chadwick Boseman was and he should serve as an example to everyone. 

Chadwick Boseman unfortunately passed away in August of 2020. He was a great person, but that wasn’t only because he played the role of a superhero. He was kind and known for the way he acted toward other people. He didn’t tell anyone about his struggles or his illness because he didn’t want sympathy. He was appreciative of the time he had and he didn’t waste a moment. He will always be remembered as Black Panther, but he will also be remembered as Chadwick Boseman, a superhero in real life.