My Nemesis, The Hill


“Almost done” is what I’m currently telling myself as I come around the last turn. I breathe heavily and slowly as my heart beats rapidly in my chest. I give up on my breathing tactic because I know the finish is near. I swing my arms with extra effort because they feel a little heavier than normal. Like my thighs, the heaviness they bear is a major factor in my struggle. Everything slows down as I look up at the most difficult part of the track. The last hill. This hill shows how much courage, determination, and perseverance I have left in me, but most importantly, it shows how much cowardice I have. Cowardice is something I see everyday on this track. It’s something I WAS a part of, but not anymore. I WILL conquer this hill.

I slow my breathing down for a split second to try and gather the energy I need for this hill. I inhale quietly then exhale loudly as I speed up the hill. While putting all my energy into my legs as my quad muscles scream tiredness and my shoulders scream with my quads in unison, I swing my arms with all my effort to keep going. My thoughts go numb as I watch the top of the hill creep closer. Nothing comes to mind. All I hear is the clash of the bottom of my shoe hitting the track. Since I’m getting close to the top, my body is ready to stop, but I know I must keep going until the very end. If I stop now, all of this will be for nothing. I give my last push as I step on to a balanced surface. My body immediately stops but my heart keeps going. As my heart slows down I take in the feeling of accomplishment as I walk back down the hill. The hot sun beams brightly upon me like a spotlight and the soft, green nature calmly cheers for me.