Best Concert EVER!


My body shook with anticipation as everyone filed into the big oval stadium, at The Ohio State University, known as the Horseshoe because of its shape. The stadium that was traditionally filled with loud raging football fans decorated in scarlet and grey, was now filled to the brim with people awaiting Taylor Swift. Instead of chants of O-H-I-O echoing through the stadium walls, the chatter of what surprise song would be sung and what she would say during the Long Live/New Years Day mashup was heard. Young girls who were at their first concert walked around with their parents decked out in as much Taylor Swift Reputation gear as they could find. Groups of friends at their fifth show of the tour, in full-blown costumes, hoping to be picked to meet Taylor after the show gathered in circles. I fiddled with the end of my grey Target edition Taylor Swift t-shirt that I had gotten a few weeks prior to the drive out to Ohio. Standing at my seat, I looked over the edge of the C deck down at the bustling floor of people. 

“Mic, watch out.” My mom warned as I slid my phone out of my back right jean pocket to take a picture of the sight. 

I wanted this moment to last forever in the back of my mind so I could recall it through pictures whenever I wanted. My phone wobbled in my hand as I took a photo of the stadium with the sun setting in the background. The sun was setting in a beautiful mix of pinks and purples as everyone settled into the, slightly uncomfortable, grey cement stadium seats for the show to begin. 

“Mic, let’s sit down while we wait. It’s probably going to start soon.” My dad told me, practically pulling me back into my seat.

 I had a habit of being clumsy, almost falling down the stairs as we walked into the stadium so they were being extra cautious since we were up so high. I sat back down in my seat, nervously playing with the ends of my braided hair, I almost couldn’t believe this was real even though I was sitting there waiting. All of a sudden the lights that had been on dimmed, sending the stadium into darkness except for the bright shimmering light of the night sky. It was a perfect night for a concert, perfectly clear, and thankfully no storm clouds were insight as we all prepared to sing Reputation at the top of our lungs. The light-up bracelet, that I had been given by the concert staff, which I made sure multiple times was safely secured to my wrist flickered to life, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin with excitement laced through my veins. A video started to roll on the screen, sending the already excited crowd into a fit of loud cheers. All the sounds blended together as the video displayed in front of us, I nearly had to pinch myself to make sure that it was real.

 “In the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive” sounded, it was starting.


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