Covid Halloween Fun!


Have you been wondering how you are going to celebrate Halloween this year? The current situation that we are in has left many people wondering how they can enjoy October 31st with their friends or by themselves in a safe way. This year’s Halloween may look different than usual, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have an exciting day to look forward to. There are many activities to do for those who have decided not to trick-or-treat this year, but would still like to have a thrilling Halloween experience this year. 

Something really exciting to do this year is to go “ghosting.” “Ghosting” is when you fill a bag of candy and put it on your friends doorstep. They will really appreciate and might even do the same thing with one of their friends. You can also tell all of your friends to dress up and set up a virtual call with them to have a virtual party. Something fun you and your family can do is set a theme from a movie that you like and dress up like characters from that movie, while also decorating your house following that same theme. You also also buy plain face masks online and decorate them by making them scary, cute, or make them match your Halloween costume. For those who enjoy doing makeup, they could paint their face or do a nice Halloween look to take some pictures in. Something interesting to do is to make snacks that are Halloween themed. If you don’t have the time to plan for any of these activities and would rather do something more relaxing, you could always have a scary movie marathon with your family, while you guys eat from your favorite restaurant or make a spooky playlist to play throughout your house the whole day. 

For those who do want to go trick-or-treating this year, please make sure you’re following the guidelines to keep you and those around you safe. First of all, make sure you and your family don’t forget to wear a mask the whole time you are outside. It’s also important to stay at least 6 feet apart from the other groups around you. Make sure to keep hand sanitizer on you to use after getting candy from each house and to wash your hands when getting home.