My Role Model: My Uncle


There are many people in my life who inspire me to be the best person I can be, but the person who has impacted my life the most and deserves the title of a role model would definitely be my uncle. My uncle and I were very close in age, only about 5 years apart, which helped us create a very strong bond. I was always at my grandmother’s house so I spent time with both him and my aunt often. As I grew older, I found myself in situations where it would be very difficult to complete tasks that were important. If it wasn’t for him, I do not believe I would be doing as good as I am now. Unfortunately, just as we were closer than we have ever been in our lives, he got into a really bad accident and passed away.

Throughout my uncle’s teenage years he became caught up with the wrong group of people which led him to make poor decisions. Around the age of 19, he opened his eyes and realized he needed to do better. Everyone doubted him and didn’t believe he could better himself, but he proved everyone wrong. He started taking school more seriously, got a couple of jobs, and even began starting his own business. My uncle showed me that despite the severity of the situation you may be in, everything will get better with hard work. He taught me that I will never reach success if I do not work hard enough and also the importance of education. I was also shown that once you hit rock bottom the only place you can go is up.

To me, my uncle isthe best role model anyone could ever ask for. The lessons he taught me still affect the choices I make today. When I find myself in tough situations and feel like giving up I always think of him and how he always taught me to keep pushing forward. I try my best in my decision making to ensure that the outcome will be something he is proud of. Lastly, I always make sure I am giving him something to happily look down on from heaven.