My Role Model: Gordon Ramsay


Someone that I look up to as a role model is Gordon Ramsay. He is a well-known chef from the UK. He is the owner of 35 restaurants, a lot of them being in England, New Jersey, and New York. He currently has 7 Michelin stars but in total has earned 16 Michelin stars from his restaurants. I look up to him as a role model because I want to work in the culinary industry in the future. A lot of people may know him from being on tv since he has been on plenty of shows including MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, Kitchen Nightmares, and Ramsay’s Restaurant. After seeing him on MasterChef Junior, you could tell that he truly cares about the kids that are competing and is genuinely trying to help them and appreciates them. Watching him helping them and comforting them is very encouraging. Gordon Ramsay has said that he believes if you want to become a chef, you need to continue learning even when you think you know it all. This piece of advice has really shown me the importance of educating myself as much as possible and to never stop learning about what I am passionate about.

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