My Role Model: Malcolm X

My Role Model: Malcolm X


Malcolm X, a black history month icon that we all remember to be great. He was a protester that nowadays when you say his name people know who he is. He played a vital role in the freedom of  African Americans. He preached ideas that were never brought into the public eye and said them with courage and belief. He pushed his message with an aggressive tone because he wanted to get his point across and he was not afraid to speak up. That is what most racial  problems in America today are caused by not only segregation but people are not willing to voice their opinion.

About Malcom X

Malcolm X was born on May 9, 1925 in Omaha, NE.  As a child Malcolm unfortunately had been moved from foster home to foster home with his siblings. His father had died when he was 6 and his mother was admitted to a mental hospital when he was 13. Malcolm only went to elementary and middle school. He was studying to be a lawyer but when a white teacher told him he couldn’t he dropped out. Although Malcolm had excellent grades again because he was black he was shunned upon. So he turned to a life of crime, he moved to Boston and became involved in drug dealing Gambling, robbery, and pimping. When Malcolm turned 21 he was convicted after committing a bunch of robberies with a gang in Boston. He was sentenced to 10 years in Charlestown State Prison. While Malcolm was in prison his siblings wrote to him about Islam and its religion. Although Malcolm was not appeased to any religion he eventually became a member. Books in prison transformed Malcolm into the protester we know him as today. Although Malcolm was great he was assassinated because of his beliefs on February 21,1965 in the Audubon ballroom.  

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