My Role Model: Arthurine Lucy

Autherine Lucy is one of the most famous African American figures in history, she has contributed to the African society in giving them hopes for their goals. Autherine Lucy was born on October 5, 1929, since she was a child she has always dealt with racism and problems due to her color of her skin. Since Lucy was young, she attended public school until 10th grade, which she then moved onto the university of Alabama where all the trouble began. Lucy was searching and preserving for a 2nd undergraduate degree, not for political reasons but for a better education in the state. Lucy was always known for working hard to achieve her goals which is one of her best traits and why she is the role model she is today.

Autherine Lucy was the first African American in history to attend the Alabama university. She was always in danger due to the racism in Alabama. Autherine enrolled in  the University of Alabama in 1952, but due to her race the school administrator denied her admittance, so attorneys, Shores and Marshall began to work with Lucy. The men had written a letter to the president of the university about why she should be able to attend the university, but the answer was still no. With the terrible news, Lucy’s team decided to file a court case. They won that case which meant that schools would not be able to discriminate against people due to their race while attending the school.

Autherine fought for her rights and never gave up, which is why she is such a big role model in African history today. Her actions changed many others’ actions. Autherine Lucy wanted to change the world and how people view African Americans, she believed that no matter what skin color you are you should be able to achieve your goals without anyone bothering you and she did. Autherine Lucy was always judged due to her skin color, but Autherine did not give them the reaction they wanted, she completed her goals. Autherine faced walking into all the white campus alone, which made her the person she was.

Autherine was a strong and determined person, students bullied her, shouted hate to Lucy and was even bombed with rotten eggs. Seven year later Lucy’s battle for freedom was completed which made her the first African American woman to attend and complete her goals at the University of Alabama.32 years later Lucy was asked to speak at a history class at the same university in Alabama she attended. After Lucy’s talk the teachers were so impressed that they wanted Lucy to come back as a student. The university of Alabama named a 25,000 $ scholarship after her, her picture was also put up in the school in 1992. To conclude Autherine Lucy should be admired in the black history month and every other month, she is one of a kind.