My Role Model: Harriet Tubman


Harriet Tubman was a black woman born into slavery, in Maryland, around 1820. Throughout her life as a slave she managed to find a way to escape her owner and eventually led others into freedom. She became an American Abolitionist and Political Activist where she fought for the freedom of slaves and the rights of African Americans. On March 10, 1913, Tubman passed away, due to pneumonia, at age 91. Harriet Tubman played a huge role in slavery being abolished. 

Tubman has obtained the title of a role model due to her developing from a slave to an Abolitionist and Political Activist. In Maryland, from 1850-1858, Tubman was able to make 19 trips throughout the Underground Railroad. She risked her life to save about 300 slaves in total without being caught or losing a single passenger. Despite all of the risks that were present, nothing stopped Tubman from reaching success. According to the American Library, There was a bounty offered for her capture because she was a fugitive slave herself, and she was breaking the law in slave states by helping other slaves escape.” Tubman went on to free slaves without hesitation and even managed to save her own brother and his family. If she was caught the consequences would vary between being killed or enslaved. With all of this at risk, nothing stopped Harriet from fighting. 

From a young age, Harriet knew that she wanted freedom and the ability to help others. Being born as a slave, she witnessed first hand how cruel the acts of slavery were and became devoted into finding a way to escape. She used the Underground Railroad as an escape route where she traveled miles to the north. In order to be more like Harriet Tubman one must develop traits of determination and bravery. One must be determined to do all it takes in order to pursue their dreams and fill their desires. With this determination comes bravery because along the way to success there are risks that must be taken and one will have to be brave enough to take them. According to Kenyatta D. Berry, Harriet Tubman was known as  “Moses of her people because like Moses she helped people escape from slavery.” Throughout her life she pursued many careers such as a conductor for the Underground Railroad,  a scout, a spy, a soldier, and nurse, all as a black woman. Harriet Tubman has helped African Americans and people of color gain the equality and freedom present to them today.  


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