My Role Model: Mary Seacole


Who was Mary Seacole? She isn’t heard of much. If you don’t know who she is then you should keep reading.

Mary Seacole was born on November 23, 1805. She grew up watching her mom help heal people and make homemade remedies. Since she saw all this, she grew up to want to do the same thing her mom did. By the time she was 12 years old she helped running a boarding house. Years later she was determined to help soldiers in the Crimea War. She applied to be a war nurse but was rejected. This didn’t stop her, she funded her own transportation. She then went on to healing soldiers with her homemade remedies and feeding them. She was so well known that many called her “Mother Seacole” When the war ended she went back to Britain, but she didn’t have money. So soldiers that she once helped, donated money to provide for her. That year she wrote an auto-biography that made her a best selling author. Her name faded throughout history,  but many years later came back and she was honored with a statute for her bravery and kindness. 

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