My Role Model: Vice President Harris


Kamala is a current amazing black role model! 

Kamala Harris is the first female, African, Asian American to become vice president. She was voted in on Joseph Biden’s presidential ticket in November of 2020, and she will officially become Vice President of the United States on January 20, 2021. Ms. Harris was born in Oakland, California on October 20, 1964. She went to Howard University and graduated with a political science and economics degree which gave her the opportunity to go to UC Hastings College of the Law. Ms. Harris’ sister is Maya Harris, an American lawyer, and her parents are Donald Harris, an economist and professor, and Shyamalan Gopalan, an American biomedical scientist. 

Speaking of her family, Kamala’s grandfather Gopalan heavily influenced her career choice. This was because his political views on democracy really impacted and inspired Kamala. He made change in India and Kamala wanted to make change here in America. P.V Gopalan was once a part of the Indian Independence movement which was aimed at ending the British rule that drained the wealth from India. Moreover, Ms. Harris will make amazing changes in the U.S but it’s also about the symbolic meaning of her being the Vice President. She’s a role model and inspiration for many black women that currently attend Howard, they want to continue the legacy Kamala has begun. As mentioned prior she’s the first black woman to ever become a vice president which will of course make history as well as change how the government works a bit. Kamala is a POC which means she understands the struggle and inequality they go through and because of that it’ll play a part in the important decisions she makes/influences. Overall, she’s amazing and worked hard for the significant role she plays today in society! 


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