An Interview with Katherine Johnson


Hello, I am here with one of the first woman African American scientists, Katherine Johnson. I am here today with her. I want to know, and I’m sure everyone else does, how you went through everything you went through. And what you feel are your accomplishments. Let’s get started.

Question 1: What are you most proud of?

Answer: I think I am most proud of  my calculations that contributed to the mission, Apollo 11. 


Question 2: What is the hardest thing you had to go through?

Answer: I think the hardest thing during that time was the segregation and the discrimination against, not only me, but every African American woman that was there. I mean think about how hard it was to walk a lot of steps just to get to a bathroom. 


Question 3: Who encouraged you?

Answer: My professor was the one that actually encouraged me to become a mathematician. 


Question 4: What are your accomplishments?

Answer: I helped and contributed to the mission that helped put a man on the moon. I also helped sync Project Apollo’s Lunar Module with the lunar-orbiting Command and Service Module.


Question 5: Those are one of the best accomplishments that you have done, but how do you think you changed the world?

Answer: I have to say that being one of the First African American Women to work as a NASA scientist was something that changed the world. Not only was it because I was African American, but because I was a woman.


Well, this is the end of the interview, thank you so much for your time here Katherine. I’m sure you went through this before. I want to say thank you for being so kind and for your honesty. You answered all my questions and were so polite. I hope to be able to do this again sometime.

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