My Interview with Ida B Wells


Ida was always associated with the black community for justice, she was the original founder of the national association for the advancement of colored people. Ida was all in all she was a journalist, educator and early leader in the civil rights movement. Ida also accomplished to create the first black kindergarten even though she went through traumatic experiences such as slavery at an early age. Ida deserves to be remembered with all those acknowledgments, she will be remembered by the end of this response. 

Question: Did you always want to be involved in the justice community for African Americans? 

Answer: Yes I always wanted to be involved in helping others when they were discriminated due to their race since I was born into slavery.


Question: What are your best accomplishments?

Answer: My best accomplishments was the publication of a detailed book about a red record and being able to begin the first black kindergarten. 


Question: How did you build the first black kindergarten?  

Answer: I mobilized the members of a local women’s civic club to create a new kindergarten in a black church white children were also allowed but it was the first kindergarten created for Chicago black community. 


Question: Were your parents involved in the justice for the black community 

Answer: Yes my parents were involved in many movements for the black community which is what inspired me the most. 


Question: How did you impact the world ?

Answer: I did establish the first black kindergarten, organized black women and wrote  a pamphlet inspired by Frederick Douglass. 


All in all Ida is one of the most successful women in the world, and should be recognized for her actions. Ida will always be remembered for her past and the ways she took care of others. Hopefully through this interview with her you got to learn way more about her, she is the person she says she is. Ida answered all these questions from her heart and with the truth all she said is to be remembered and is true. You have now learned what a strong independent woman is, maybe someday you can be like her. 

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