My Interview with Marie Curie


Hello! Today I’m here to interview a woman who dares to experiment with radioactivity, Marie Curie. I’m interviewing her today because she’s one of the most impactful women in history and I would love to know more about her face to face! I’ll be asking about her career and what it consists of.

Question: What do YOU think the most impactful thing you’ve done is?

Answer: I would say the most impactful thing I’ve  discovered is  radiation therapy for cancer, it’s something I discovered in 1898 and is still used!

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Question: How dis you begin your career?

Answer: I began by working at Lippmann’s research laboratory and was  placed in the second license of mathematical science. I then went to Paris to study physics and mathematics which is where I meant Pierre Curie, my spouse. 

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Question: What was one of your first accomplishments?

Answer: One of my first ever accomplishments was being the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in physics!

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Question: Did something in your early life lead you to wanting to be a physicist?

Answer: I was inspired by the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen, his research on radioactivity intrigued me and made me want to choose a new field in work. 

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Question: How does it feel being one of the most impactful women in the world?

Answer: I’m very interested and passionate about radioactivity so doing something I enjoy while helping people at the same time was definitely a bonus. 

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You heard it hear folks, Ms. Curie is very intelligent, determined, and impactful! Her determination is absolutely mesmerizing, she began being a physicist later in life but was still so educated and effective. Marie’s first ever accomplishment was a Nobel Prize, how amazing! Thank you for coming to my interview, goodbye!

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