My Interview with Charli D’Amelio


Today we have a special guess here to talk to us about who they are and how fame impacted them.Today I will be interviewing Charli D’Amelio. You are world wide famous for dancing and just being yourself.We know that you have risen to fame very quickly and that you have the most followers on the TikTok app which is so incredibly astonishing achievement.Most people would say that

Question: How did you rise to fame?

Answer: Well, I joined the TikTok app almost year ago and people saw my Renegade dance and they liked it so yeah.


Question: Why is it important for you to be a role model to younger kids?

Answer: It helps them see anything is possible and not to waste opportunities.


Question: What helped you deal with some of the hate that you get?

Answer: Honestly,I try to stay away from looking at hate comments but it’s hard because I want to connect with my fans at the same time.


Question: Why is it important to stay positive?

Answer: There’s a lot of negativity flowing on social media and it can make it feel like everyone is down all the time. I try my best to combat negative thoughts because it just isn’t worth my time. Life should be enjoyed!


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