My Interview with Amelia Earhart


Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator and helped further the advancement of women in aviation. She was the second person and first woman to fly  across the Atlantic Ocean solo. She was also the first person to ever fly solo from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland.  We are lucky enough to have her with us today to hear her story.

Question: Were you always a pilot?

Answer: No not always. After a while Flying became expensive. So When I had to sell my bi-plane I started to  teach English to immigrants and then became a social worker. 


Question: What was your friendship like with Eleanor Roosevelt?

Answer: We were close friends and both very committed to important social causes. We shared an interest in flying.


Question: How did you  become interested in aviation?

Answer: After watching a flight show and seeing my first plane.


Question:How do you feel about women wanting equal rights?

Answer: I believe that if women want equality, they have to be assertive. When I’m   not in the air, I try to encourage women through my writing and lectures.


Question: What kind of impact do you think you had on the world?

Answer: My actions paved the way for female pilots and inspired other women to follow their dreams.


Amelia Earhart’s opinions on the women movement reveal a shocking honesty about the world leaving a mark to every person and gives them motivation to the women movement.

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