Conspiracy Theory: Aliens

Conspiracy Theory: Aliens

Jasem Alqaralleh


Other life forms, are there anymore out there, is it just us in this big, never ending universe and have we made contact with any? The universe is a BIG thing, said to be about 93 billion light years in diameter and no ending in sight. To think that we are the only living, thinking, intelligent beings in this black void is unfathomable. Have they made contact with us before and just left thinking there was nothing to find here? Or have they come and even assisted our ancestors, some believe we have. Ancient Egypt, a beautiful yet mind boggling thing those pyramids are. How were they able to lift those 2.5 TON stone blocks and how were they placed so perfectly to make that triangular shape. Either they were more advanced than we thought OR they were given the assistance of extraterrestrial beings. The Egyptians and Mayan’s also both have stories of Gods coming down and telling them to build pyramids.  Did the aliens come from the heavens and help the Egyptians make these works of art with their extraterrestrial advancements in technology! Well we don’t know, but there are some hints to them making contact in their history. 

The scarab, a large dung beetle pushes a dung in a straight line and navigates using the light of the milky way. We made this discovery in 2013. In Ancient Egypt the Scarab was sacred and seen as a link to the gods. The scarab is seen in hieroglyphics all over the temples of Egypt and even has a carved statue of it where the pharaohs have their coronation. They saw the Scarab pushing this dung and coordinating it with the sun, seeing the beetle as a pilot of the Sun God, Ras, chariot. But why a pilot? Could this be them showing that there was some sort of being that piloted down to earth with fascinating faces.  In more carvings it is depicted the scarab on human bodies as well. Maybe giving us insight to what these other beings could look like.

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