Conspiracy Theory: Lunar Landing


Why is it that 90 percent of Americans believe that the moon landing was real, but 10 percent believe otherwise? Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, two American astronauts, became the first humans to set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969.Though, many believe this to be true, there are times where the vast majority promote false information for their own benefit. The moon landing conspiracy theory is proven to be a hoax because of logical and valid evidence that extant. There’s a plethora of existing evidence that proves the theory to be an act, or set up.

The leading evidence found is that many of the images provided by NASA, don’t have many stars in the background. It seems that there were multiple sources of light, as in a film, considering that the shadows fall in different places. Hence, the videos of astronauts walking on the moon surface, there’s different light settings, and the footage looks as if it’s been slowed down.

Moreover, considering the moon has no atmosphere that would mean that there’s no wind. The thought of a flying flag in the absence of wind seems absurd. On the other hand, it’s worth remembering that the flag had a traverse pole running down the top of the fabric; otherwise, it would have hung loose, affected only by the gravity of the satellite. 

To close, a rock with the letter “C” plainly carved into it can be seen in one of the photos provided. Conspiracy theorists claim that the rock is a ruse, and that NASA personnel made a grave error by putting it there with the “C” on display. The letter “C” is only a speckle in the picture’s negative, not a true inscription on a rock, according to the key evidence opposing that notion.

Some people believe the landings took place, while others don’t. Some still question the accuracy of NASA’s clearest pieces of evidence, the video footage and photographs. Others have questioned the scientific and technological aspects of the moon landings. Regardless of one’s personal opinions, the entire subject is intriguing and the amount of well examined information produced by so many moon landing conspiracy theorists is unquestionably remarkable.