Conspiracy Theory: Mermaids

Pamela Bonilla 

If many look back at history, the first mermaids appeared for the first time painted on caves in the late stone age. They originated from the Greeks where they considered them half fish and half human. Many people believe that mermaids are creatures that were made up, but others believe since they have not explored all the ocean there may be a possibility that mermaids could be deep within the ocean.  Mermaids can  exist deep down in the ocean since half of the ocean is not discovered. There is a 50 percent chance mermaids exist backing up with the evidence many have discovered. 

Mermaids are seen to be real due to the fact that, of the research that has been done. For example, as quoted in many articles, “creatures in half human and half fish half existed for over thousands of years.” Mermaids have also been caught on video seen as they say half fish and half human. But many still don’t tend to believe that there may be a possibility that mermaids exist . Others do tend to say, as Edward Grace quoted, he saw a mermaid swimming about with all possible grace. Which is another reason why mermaids should be a consideration that they do exist. 

Half of the ocean hasn’t even been explored. What makes others think mermaids can’t be out there? 80 percent of the ocean is unexplored, according to Mermaids can be anyone in that 80 percent unexplored ocean. Which is another way to back up my conspiracy theory, many can’t just assume that mermaids don’t exist, they can be hiding deep down in the ocean where no one has seen or even touched. Who knows what creatures even exist throughout the ocean.

Another reason we can believe mermaids are real  is the evidence many have found. Many have claimed they have caught mermaids even on video tape. Others can claim  the evidence being of something else other than mermaids. But those who truly do believe in mermaids will find as much evidence to prove their point that mermaids are out there. The evidence was claimed to be from an animal planet. They  claimed that mermaids were real, and scientists from the NOAA  were hiding their secrets of mermaids from the world. 

But are mermaids actually real?  No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found. But many are sure the possibility is that there is a very high chance. So mermaids should not be doubted either way they still don’t have back up to prove that there is no chance they may exist. So one day mermaids can appear with proof along with it. All in all there is a 50-50 percent chance for both sides.