Shakira: Colombia’s Pride and Joy


Heiling Almonte

In this life, to earn your place you have to fight for it.”- Shakira.

The Grammy winning Colombian pop star Shakira, is known all over the world for her singing and dancing. She became an icon to the Hispanic community at the early age of thirteen. For years, she’s been influencing people with her amazing talent and her barefoot foundation which she founded in 1997.She founded this foundation with the aim of helping children whose lives are destroyed by poverty. Shakira deserves to be called a role model because everyday, she gives me the motivation to be the best version of me and help those around me.

Besides singing and dancing, Shakira is also known for being a philanthropist which is a person  who works on helping other people’s welfare . Growing up, Shakira was also a victim of poverty. When she saw all the poor children on a trip to Colombia, it reminded her of herself. That drove her to want to start the foundation. She started the barefoot foundation; where the goal is to help vulnerable children living in poverty in Colombia. In this foundation children are given the opportunity to have the education they deserve. “Barefoot Foundation believes that children cannot achieve their potential without full stomachs and emotional support as part of a quality education” . 

Shakira is very inspiring to me because she motivates me to make a difference in the world and help people’s welfare. She went from being poor to being rich and famous and using her fame and money for a good cause. She deserves the title of a role model because of her hard work and dedication to helping the children in need. Most celebrities as big as her, don’t use their money for  a good cause. That is why she motivates me to use what I have for something good. After researching more about the barefoot foundation, I was inspired to donate some of my own clothes, shoes and food to people who need it more than I do. Her hard work and dedication is really touching because it opened my eyes to the seriousness of the situation. I now have a better understanding of the living conditions of those children. Sometimes we are too caught up in our lives that we don’t stop and look around the world. We don’t realize how fortunate we are to be living the lives that we have. Just like Shakira, I will work hard to make a difference in the world with what I can. 

The iconic pop star Shakira is the pride and joy to the Hispanic community; especially Colombians. With her talent and hard work, she is making a difference in the world. The most inspiring part is that she worked for her fame and money and is now using it for a good cause. Her dedication to her music and barefoot foundation is something that I really admire.