My Role Model: Camila Cabello


Katelynn Diaz

24-year-old Camila Cabello is a Latin American female artist who has an inspirational story. She started off small but as years went by, she started to become bigger. She was known for being in a group called Fifth Harmony, but Camila would break would from the group years later. She wasn’t very good friends with the girls she worked with and after a while, it was noticeable that the group would sometimes leave Camila Cabello out of activities. After Camila had broken from the group, she started to write her songs and worked on an album. Although her first album “Camila ”wasn’t Camila¨ wasn’t much of a hit, she, later on, released a song named Crying In The Club which hit over millions of views.

She is truly inspiring to me because she started so small in Fifth Harmony, and was able to grow apart and become independent and do things on her own. This shows that it’s ok to do things on your own and be independent and sometimes if you do something big it can be successful.  Camila was able to write songs and sing on her own all by herself, with friends and family support. She showed everyone that all along she didn’t need anyone but herself. Even when Fifth Harmony threw shade, she still kept it peaceful and professional. I would also want to be independent, be able to do things on my, my own and be able to keep things peaceful when others decided to throw shade. Camila is passionate about expressing herself in her music, In October 2019, Cabello performed at the We Can Survive concert which donates to breast cancer. and has pledged to raise $250,000 for the Save The Children organization. I truly wish other singers were as generous as Camila Cabello.

In conclusion, I think that Camila Cabello is inspirational for many reasons. Camila has helped prove to me that it’s ok to be able to start doing things on my own and be more independent. She also proved to me no matter what ethnicity you are you can still become successful no matter where you come from.  Camila truly inspires people from all over the world and she’s still growing to this day.