Rest in Peace, Cousin


Julia Yunga

Marcia Alexandra Amendano Yunga 1997-2021.

This short article will talk about my cousin, Marcia Alexandra Amendano Yunga. Marcia was born in Cuenca Ecuador, on December 08 1997. This year, she was going to turn 24 years old. My cousin was the happiest and most amazing girl on Earth. She would make everyone happy just by being near her. She also stayed and helped out at home or even while at work, Marcia was the best, in my family and in my opinion. She had her life going out for her. “She was a hard worker and helper.” as my abuela would say. She liked spending time with family. 

Her heart was pure with kindness and her beautiful smile would always brighten everyone’s mood. Marica was, and still is an amazing person, Granddaughter, cousin, sister, and woman that everyone will love for years to come. My abuela and my other cousin Paol would always count on her. Paola and Marica were both sisters, so it was just them and my grandmother in a big old house.

The day that my cousin passed was on Monday 25, 2021, a the day that my heart broke. Looking back on this day and the memories I still have with my cousin will always stay in my heart. I believe she is still here with me, telling me to, “Never give up.” 

My Cousin graduated from college to become a chef. She worked in a Hilton Hotel. My cousin loved cooking, she worked her butt off and she also made sure everything went great in the kitchen, she loved her job at the hotel. She’s amazing and I will always think of her everyday. 

A little bit more about my cousin is that her mother, my aunt, Maria, didn’t get to see her little girl since her daughter was 3 years old, my aunt came to America leaving her daughters in Ecuador, because Ecuador didn’t really have any jobs, so my aunt came here to get a job to provide for her daughters. So, My aunt became an immigrant to the states and went to work. When my cousin was little, my father, Carlos, would actually take care of my two cousins, watching over them and making sure they weren’t hurt or alone. 

From what I heard from my father, Marica loved to play basketball, she loved cooking when she grew older, she loved learning English, and she also liked playing in the field that my grandmother has outside their home. But most of all when she grew up into an adult, she loved cooking in the kitchen.

Marica’s childhood story is a little confusing but she grew up in a good environment, she grew up with love and happiness. Everyone loved her through thick and thin. She will always be in our hearts.