Tornadoes Wreak Havoc Across the South


Rhandy Miranda

Saturday, December 12th, 2021. Kentucky. For a straight 300 miles and what almost felt like endless terror and anxiety, a tornado, without much warning, tore through 6 states. Kentucky was the hardest one hit and is currently the most well known. Everything in the tornado’s path was decimated as it ripped through anything it came within proximity to. So far 70 people are known to be dead and it is feared that up to 100 could be dead. 

Millions of dollars in property damage was caused by this wrath of Mother Nature, but not all of it is bad news and gloom. President Joe Biden has stated that he will be traveling to Kentucky on Wednesday, “There’s a lot going on, and when the President shows up there’s a long tail to follow of a lot of folks, and I just don’t want to do anything other than be value added. But I want you to know that this administration has made clear to every governor, whatever they need, when they need it… make it known to me, and they will get it to them as rapidly, as rapidly as we can.” He continues to state that he “will help the area to recover from this mass tragedy.” 

People have already started recovery efforts. Many neighbors are leaving their doors open to offer food and shelter to those who have nowhere to go after the destruction of their homes. Thousands helped look for missing people through the rubble. The whole area is once again united in a tragedy. 

Drone flight videos have shown just how bad the chaos and absolute destruction of the Kentucky area really is. Trees were snapped as if a boot was simply stepping on twigs, with little to no resistance. One person reported that a treasured photo was flung 130 miles from its original home. Miraculously, it has been found and returned to its original owners. In another report it was revealed that Kentucky Deputies, still in their car, were struck almost point blank by 2×4 wooden planks being thrown at their vehicles and slamming and cracking their windshields. Though faced with near-death, they immediately leapt into action after hearing a young girl screaming in distress, because her leg was injured. The officers ran over and made the save, the girl is expected to recover just fine. 

Along with the heartwarming and near-death experience stories, scientists have also been able to piece together what caused the tornado outbreak. They concluded that a mixture of a burst of strong wind gusts and warm air with moisture lead to the tornadoes. In a consensus, it seems like chance and some unfortunate random events were the true cause. Even though this event won’t stop the progression of society, it will be something to learn from and all involved will no doubt recover, stronger than ever, and together as one.