2021 Snow Ball


Noor Kanaan

The MRHS student council put together a fantastic Snow Ball winter formal on Friday, December 17th. Tickets were 10 dollars each and were sold weeks in advance, with two payment options consisting of paying online and giving Mr. Tavarez cash. If you did not purchase your ticket, it was possible to buy one at the door for $15. With the ticket, you were entitled to free pizza, drinks, and snacks such as cookies and chips.

The dance was held in the MRHS cafeteria which had been cleared out for the event. The room was filled with blue and white balloons, streamers, and colorful lights making it look completely new. It was a night filled with music, dancing, and other forms of fun. Unfortunately, many students didn’t go because they thought it wouldn’t be fun, but the students who did attend proved their classmates wrong. Everyone had an awesome time throughout the night.

A DJ played music from various artists as well as genres throughout the night so everyone got to hear what they like. The snowball lasted from 7pm to 10pm, and people were dressed in their best clothing. Outfits ranged from dresses to suits and fancy dress shirts. One student commented, “It started off a little slow, but once we got going, it was lit!”