Aswad Thomas


Adam Bagdough

From basketball player to social justice activist, this is a short story of my role model Aswad Thomas. Growing up in a single parent household he saw his siblings go down many dark paths in life, he was determined to not make his siblings mistakes and worked hard to make sure . He was succeeding both in academics and on the basketball team. However just a few weeks before leaving for Europe to play professional basketball, he became the victim of gun violence and it changed his life forever.

Because of going through years of recovery Aswad realized the dangers of gun violence and to make as much of an impact as he can. He began and became the chief of theChief of Organizing and National Director of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice” an organization made to help the victims of gun violence by providing them with additional help in their recovery. The primary reason Aswad started this Organization was because he saw first hand how little help these victims received. He sought to make these victims feel safe and understand that they aren’t alone in what they are going through.

The reason I chose him to be my role model is because he’s beliefs in gun control. I also think gun issues are a big problem and he is making a big difference about it, not only does he help the victims of gun crimes he also speaks out against poor gun laws as well as trying to improve the justice system. Even if you disagree with some of his views, his story is very inspirational and everyone should do their best in helping their community just like he has.