Allyson Felix


Dior Holliday

Allyson Felix a american track and field athlete who specializes in the 200m and the 400m sprint. In  200m she is a 2012 Olympic champion, and three time world champ (2005-2009) and a two time silver medalist and the 400m she is the 2015 world champ and two time silver medalist in 2011 and 2016. Across all of her short distance races she is a ten time US national champion and is the most decorated athlete which means she has the most olympic medals. Allyson Felix started running after her brother Wes Felix who was a sprinter who won the 2002 USA junior championships in the 200m and later a Pac 10 champ for USC. Allyson Felix has said that she also feels like her faith in God is the reason she runs and she is going to use the gift he blessed her with to the best of her ability.

She became a role model when she became the youngest world champion in the 200m in 2005 at the Helsinki world championships. But more importantly as she got older and had a kid. She knew she had a responsibility of being a role model for girls and boys that looked up to her. Something that she did that really made an impact on her career was when she got pregnant which was scary by itself but also after when it was time to go back and run she felt like she could go back and run. But she went back and did what she felt like she needed to do. But after coming back she had an issue with her sponsorship which is Nike and they were penalizing her and other pregnant athletes in contract negotiations.

Allyson took a big risk going out and talking about this could mess with her income and blacklist her from major meets. But after all that she left Nike and signed to Athleta, a woman focused brand. She made a new way for mother athletes. Nike has even extended pay and protection for pregnant and new mothers. Even though it seems like something little she helped a lot of women. In my opinion she had an impact on track and field in a good way but also for women doing that kind of thing. If I was Allyson Felix, the advice I would give to someone who wants to be like me is even though you might not want to do it.. Do it if you think it’s the right thing and would help and impact a lot of people.