Oscar Jimenez


Emiliano Medina

The life of a reporter is hectic, it is a constant life of movement. Reporters have to constantly be on their toes and be aware of every new event and every new action that is taking place throughout the world. They also have to be constantly moving around attempting to get on the scene of an event as soon as possible to be the very first ones to report on said event so that they can compete with their competitors. Now imagine living that life since your college days, having to write reports on current topics while having to write papers for your professors at the same time. That is something only someone with true passion for journalism can do, someone who believes in what they report. That reporter is someone who reports his beliefs without carrying out their own message, that person is Oscar Jimenez. Although not as big of a notable journalist as Anderson Cooper, Barbara Walters or Bill O’Reilly, Oscar Jimenez has played a pivotal role in the current media outlet era. Oscar Jimenez was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and raised in Kennesaw, Georgia to his parents Jayne Morgan and Omar Jimenez. In his early days Jimenez attended Kennesaw Mountain High School where he played on the high school’s basketball team, which he would later continue as he attended the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and played on the men’s varsity basketball team. Jimenez’s attendance at Medill was not only limited to basketball but he would major in broadcast journalism. During this time Oscar Jimenez worked with the Chicago Innocence Project to investigate wrongful 

convictions. However, Jimenez would be broken into the public spotlight when during the early morning hours of May 29, 2020 Jimenez was part of a 4 person news crew arrested by a group of Minnesota state police officers. This action would come as Jimenez and the group were reporting live on the protests that took place in response to the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jimenez would later be released from custody, however this does not ruin the fact that Oscar Jimenez represents a person who is willing to stand for his beliefs and was willing to be arrested and possibly ruin his image while he got arrested reporting on important events that have a major impact on society’s foundations. There was already news about reporters being arrested for reporting on protests and during protests, but Jimenez didn’t mean that and decided that he was willing to be arrested to get across important information to the public. What Oscar Jimenez proves is that if you are truly passionate about your beliefs, do not let anybody prevent you from getting them across and allow yourself to be heard.