Marques Brownlee


Azr Rajab

Marques Brownlee was born on December 31, 1993 to Marlon and Jeaniene Brownlee in Maplewood, New Jersey. He attended Columbia High School and graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology. Marques grew up in a relatively comfortable lifestyle. His father was an IT consultant and his Mother worked in financial services until quitting to raise her children.

Marques was regularly exposed to the technological sector due to his father’s job. He didn’t see much interest early on but at the age of 14 in 2009 he made his first video reviewing a laptop he owned. The video was obviously not the best and filled with nervous gaffes but Brownlee pushed on. He kept producing videos focusing on tutorials and freeware using screen casting. Even early on he was getting featured on Engadget and his videos were reaching insane amounts of people. One of his most popular videos reviewing the iPhone 6 display immediately got featured on news sites like Forbes, Time Magazine, and The Verge.

Brownlee began to interview important figures in 2015 starting with late NBA player Kobe Bryant. He’d then interview Democratic National Primary candidates over encryption rights to privacy. In 2018 he would then interview Tesla owner Elon Musk and later interview Bill Gates the following year. He would reach ten million subscribers the same year.

Marques has begun to branch out of YouTube to a degree. He currently stars in a YouTube Original series called Retro Tech in collaboration with Vox Media Studios. He also co-hosts a podcast titled Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast. Marques without a doubt has made a major influence on the technological sector and others who look up to him.

Beyond the technological sector Brownlee is a professional ultimate frisbee player for the New York Empire team.  All of these reasons made me see Marques as a role model. He took something he liked and managed to make it into a career. He quite literally was able to follow the saying “ find something you like and the money will follow.” He’s been able to keep his head up high even when the situation did not seem positive. Even after a hundred videos and only 78 subscribers he made a video to thank his subscribers and kept uploading videos even when others would have likely given up. Marques even breaks slight stereotypes regarding the technological sector. He’s an athlete while also being this important figure in tech. I also chose him as my role model because he’s a New Jersey native. It adds this sense of reliability that someone in a similar situation can accomplish all of this so can I.

I generally believe that Marquee’s advice to anyone would be to just start and keep pushing. He believes that the hardest part will be the beginning as you don’t have a reputation. He simply believes in continuing to push forward and his actions have shown it time and time before. Overall, as long as you keep on going you will succeed.