Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Draw


Fahim Abdullah

The World Cup in Qatar is now set. 29 teams have qualified while 3 spots remain, this past weekend we have seen new news about the tournament starting in late November. At the draw we saw which teams were going into which groups for the tournament.  

In the draw we saw the reveal of the mascot for the tournament,  La’eed and and the new reveal of the official world cup song Hayya Hayya (Better Together) by Davido, Trinidad Cardona, and Aisha. The official match ball for the FIFA world cup has also been revealed, the Al Rihla will be used for 64 games that will be played in late November and early December.  

There are still 3 spots remaining for the 2022 FIFA world cup, Euro Play-off  (Ukraine,Scotland,Wales), IC Play-off 1 (Peru,Australia,UAE), and IC Play-off (Costa Rica, New Zealand). For the Euro Play-off Ukraine and Scotland will play against each other earlier but because of the Russia and Ukraine conflict the game was postponed, there is still no new date on when the game will be played between these to teams but the winner of that game will play Wales and the winner of Wales match will head to the world cup in Qatar. 

Both IC Play-off games will be played in June, but the dates haven’t been finalized yet for the game. Only Australia and UAE game will have and official date, they will play each other on June 7, the winner of that game will play against Peru and winner of that game head to the world cup, the second play-off game between New Zealand and Costa Rica the winner of that game will have a spot for the world cup. 

Now to the main event, the draw itself. There are 4 pots 8 teams in each pot , pots mostly depends on the countries ranking, the top ranked teams in the tournament are in pot 1 while the least ranked teams are in pot 4 only the host country of the world cup will be placed in pot one doesn’t matter if they are ranked in high or low. The host country of the world cup will directly go to group A, but all pot 1 teams will be the number 1 seed in each group. There can’t be a group where 2 teams form the same pot and there can’t be a group where there 2  teams form the same continent except Europe, there can be only 2 teams from Europe in a group.   

These are the result of, Group A: (Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, and Netherlands) Group B: (England, Ir Iran, USA, and Euro Play-off ) Group C : ( Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland) Group D: (France, IC Play-off 1, Denmark, and Tunisia) Group E: (Spain, IC Play-off 2, Germany, and Japan) Group F: (Belgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia)  Group G: (Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon) and Group H: (Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, and Korea Republic). 

So far I’m really excited for the World Cup. Brazil, Belgium, and France are favorites to win it all, but I want to see the underdogs shock the world like the 2018 Croatia team who made it to the world cup final. I also wanna see some upset to France, the defending champions losing to a small team will totally make the world go crazy.  So far I think the group of death is Group F even though Belgium is ranked number 2 the other countries in the group will have to fight for the second place spot to move to the knockout stage. I’ll be watching the games when the tournament ends. Let’s make this world cup iconic like the others.