My Role Model: Frida Kahlo


Josh Pennant

Frida Kahlo should be everyone’s role model, no doubt about it .Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico, Mexico City, Coyocán on July 6, 1907. She was born in the house called the blue house which I find iconic because her house was known for its color. An interesting fact about that is that the color blue represents her admiration for the indigenous people in Mexico. The Reason why I think she is such a good role model is because she went through a lot in life. A lot of pain and emotional stress but instead of being better and just mad at life she was able to input all of her emotion into her art work and have other people see what she feels. I feel like for a while in my life I’ve been inputting my stress and emotion into a toxic and unhealthy outlets. I feel like a lot of people do the same but Frida was always able to put her feelings right in to her art work and have people clearly feels what she feels and I’m sure that was therapeutic for her. 

 Frida has always been proud of her Mexican heritage. One example I showed before was her house. Most people talk about her being a proud Mexican but I don’t see a lot of people talk about how she was also a proud feminist and part of the LGBTQ+. One thing that you can tell about all of Frida’s paintings is that she always had a unibrow and mustache. She did this because she wanted to prove that she didn’t have to do anything for the male gaze or traditional beauty standards which I think is very admirable. I cant really find much research on her being part of the LGBTQ+ but as far as my knowledge goose she was a open bisexual woman.

Frida Kahlo has been through so much in life such as, “a bus accident that left her with a broken spinal column, a broken collarbone, broken ribs, a broken pelvis, and 11 fractures in her right leg and her right foot was dislocated and crushed, three displaced vertebrae, and her shoulder was out of joint. Then while she was in the hospital she had to undergo thirty operations to fully start the road to recovery which took her 3 months” said Instead of just laying in the hospital bed and saying “why me” she made the painting “Henry Ford Hospital” and she went through all that at the age of 19. She’s also been  through divorce with her ex husband Diego Rivera who was also an artist and her muse. While she was going through that heartbreak she made the painting “The Two Fridas” to not only show how she felt about the divorce but also showing that she might have been struggling with her identity because she is half Mexican and half German.

She always manages to flawlessly put her feelings into her artwork and not lash out at anyone. I feel like that’s something everyone should partake in. I think by putting your energy and feelings into something creative and positive you can look at and be proud of is amazing. I tried making artwork like hers. It came out ugly but I was still happy that I was able to put all of my feelings into something and leave them there. I now moved on to writing poems and raps to express my emotions to not only to express myself but also to understand my emotions and situations that make me feel the way I feel.