Thank You Teachers At MRHS


Dear Teachers at MRHS,

I want to thank you for your contributions by staying with the MRHS community. The teachers at MRHS are amazing! I am sure that teaching students can be very difficult and I thank you for going through the ups and downs of your careers. I know you all try your best to stay cool during difficult moments.  I was unhappy to learn that, after the pandemic, nearly 4000 of you have retired or quit teaching in NJ. I realize you mostly leave due to the stress and tension school can cause. I know that about 75% of you quit yearly because of this tension and stress. I can understand why.

I want you to know that I appreciate that you have tons and tons of patience every single day.  I also thank you for spending 8 hours a day educating all of us students. I know that you often stay after school to provide extra help or to run clubs and sports, too. I’m sure it’s hard to get home and then have all your  daily chores to do. I would never be able to do so much work in just one day. I know I  would just flip out.

You never show your bad side even when you are having a difficult time. You always keep a straight face and continue encouraging students daily. Although it might not always seem like it, know we appreciate everything you do for us. I am hoping this letter will make other students take a minute and think about everything teachers do for them. 

Thank you so very much,

Pritom Deb